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Dedicated Team of Trained SEO Professionals Each client in PageTraffic is assigned an Accounts Manager. Your point-of-contact is trained and certified SEO professional with a proven track-record in managing SEO campaigns successfully. He is backed by a Project Manager with years of search engine optimization experience.

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Our Google Local Listing solution –

DesigningWorld Australia has years of experience in SEO service and we follow few approaches in any SEO solution-

  • Our SEO solution is just not to increase the traffic for a website, but to increase the revenue of the business through the traffic.
  • Our SEO experts first understand the business and its goal and identify the target customers. Based on these parameters they decide the SEO strategy.
  • We understand that not every website will use the same tactics of optimization. We identify which technique is appropriate for a particular website using thorough analysis.
  • Our SEO experts maintain good network and follow SEO blogs to keep them updated about the market trends.
  • Our SEO expert determines the strategy considering technical, On-page and Off-page dimensions with same gravity.
  • We have fair knowledge on the limitations of a search engine may have and we instruct the website developers appropriately. It helps to access the website contents by the search engine efficiently.
  • We understand the anatomy of a website design
  • As a search engine optimization company we understand the marketing thoroughly. We maintain 360 degree marketing approach.
  • Our SEO experts interact with other business areas of the organizations like IT, sales to get clear vision of the business trends.
creative web design

Our Impact Oriented Google Local Listing Approach

We have gone beyond traditional SEO

  • Initial
  • Code Optimization
  • Web 2.0 Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video
  • Local Search Optimization
  • On Page Optimization

Feature Services

Web services are based Web applications that interact with more web applications for the purpose of web data.

1. Web Development

Web developing is part of logical data managment system.

2. Web Design

Interactive looks for user interface.

3. Digital Marketing

To growth your business on digital way.

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